Upcoming and Passed Events

7-10Jan 2019

The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

The Hong Kong Toy & Games Fair is the largest fair of its kind in Asia, which is facing thousands of worldwide commercial buyers. We are sure we will get fruitful results there.

24-25Nov 2018

Game Market, Tokyo, Japan

The Game Market is a fair for "No-Power"(non-electronic) games. We are going to show them our latest games.

Booth number: B07

22 Oct 2018

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'18, Essen, Germany

Spiel Essen is the most important and the largest fair for tabletop games running every year. We are going to demonstrate our most cut-edge design: MYTHBOND to the worldwide players.

Booth number: 4K104 Hall 4. Find us there!

26Aug 2018

ComicWorld#46, Hong Kong

ComicWorld is a fest of ACG lovers. We are pretty sure we share the same langauge: FUN. Also we will first-time launch our lovely DOCAPA items there!

Booth number: CM21

27Jul - 4Aug 2018

ACGHK 20 & Creative Paradise 05

ACGHK is the largest fair for Hong Kong ACG fans, and this year is their 20th anniversary! We are showing our awarded hard-cored product "MYTHBOND: Wake of Monster", along side with the fun/party counterpart "MYTHBOND: Don't wake the monsters". While the big hardcore game is still on the wait, the party version is selling like crazy!

7-8Jul 2018

Maker Faire, Hong Kong

Maker Faire is a fest specially for makers/creators to show their ideas to the public. This is the first time we release the new game codenamed "Wake" to the public, with it's lovely mascot CERBERUS pluff doll. Interestingly we found the pluff doll itself is super attractive that everyone wants to pet it!

12-13May 2018

Moonlight Boardgame Festival, Taiwan

Moonlight Boardgame Festival is a very special fest that they provide TENTS for you to play boardgames overnight! It is our first public demonstration of MYTHBOND, both the game mechism and the amazing components. A lot of players come over and ask if they can buy-it-now - Sorry all you need to wait for the KS project.